This Is Not Your Story

Sometimes, you do not write your story, it writes you. 
You don’t choose your story, it chooses you. 
But would you believe it if someone told you, ‘This Is Not Your Story’? 
Would you have the courage to rewrite it?

Shaurya, a CA student. 
This is his story of following his dreams.
Miraya, an interior designer. 
This is her story of believing in love. 
Anubhav, an aspiring entrepreneur. 
This is his story of giving life another chance.

After her record-breaking debut novel Everyone Has a Story, Savi Sharma tells a transforming tale of courage, hope and self-discovery.


Savi laces her plot with deep, heart-felt emotions which moves the readers thoroughly. The narrative is enthralling, inspiring and absolutely honest. – Times of India

Praise for Savi Sharma & Everyone Has a Story

  • “Savi stunned the publishing world.” – DNA

  • “Savi Sharma has taken the literary world by storm.” – India Today

  • “A runaway success.” – The Hindu

  • “Savi Sharma is a publishing phenomenon.” – Femina

  • “Savi Sharma is a Relentless Storyteller.” – New Indian Express

  • “This story is not only a driving story encrypted with life’s important lessons and intellect, but is highly entrancing yet heart-touching. The book is highly recommended to each and every one, who is looking for a way to believe in their dreams.” – Times of India

  • ‘Economic Times Bestsellers of 2016

  • Get your copy here


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