Deception Point


One of Dan Brown’s most exciting thriller with the perfect blend of  politics, indepth knowledge of classified information, scientific trickery infused in it. The novel centres around Rachel Sexton, the lead female protagonist who works as an Intelligence Analyst for NRO(National Reconnaissance Organisation) and Michael Tolland, who is an Oceanographer and TV celebrity scientist. 

The plot begins with NASA’s satellite finding a thousands of years old meteor deep beneath the Arctic Shelve, which could uncover new information about ET and other stuff. The characters Rachel and Tolland along with the a group of specialists were send to authenticate the discovery. But they uncovers the findings to be a scientific trickery, a deception which threatens to plunge the whole world into controversy.

 They soon found themselves hunted down by assasins who would stop at nothing to cover up the truth. Fleeing from the assasins and surviving the most desolate environment, they uncovered at the end about who was behind the ploy, motives to gain political power was the most shocking deception of all.

This novel starts a little slow, less dramatic at the start, focussing on every inch of detail throughout and captures you in the novel as if things are happening infront of your eyes. Dan Brown crafted a  book with the perfect balance of science, history and technology, with suspense and mystery in every chapter which is absolutely stunning.


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